Paul Kolodzy

Kolodzy Consulting — Independent Telecommunications Consultant

Dr. Kolodzy is an independent telecommunications consultant to government and commercial clients.
His areas of expertise include the development of advanced component, device, and system technology; advanced architectures; interference analysis; and spectrum policy, regulation, and acquisition. He has been active in broadcast; cellular including 700 MHz, AWS-1, AWS-3, and AWS4; and public safety spectrum policy and regulation.

Prior to his work as an independent consultant, Dr. Kolodzy was the Director of the Wireless Network Security Center at the Stevens Institute of Technology. He also served as the Senior Spectrum Policy Advisor and the Director of the Spectrum Policy Task Force at the Federal Communications Commission. He also has worked as a program manager and a subject matter expert at the Dr. Kolodzy has 15 years of supporting DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Agency) as a subject matter expert.

Kolodzy was the Director of Signal Processing and Strategic Initiatives at Lockheed Martin Sanders (now BAE). He began his career as a Group Leader and Staff Member at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Dr Kolodzy is also a member of the National Research Council Panel on Active Sensing. He founded the IEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Network Symposium, served as the first general chair, and co-chaired the steering committee for over a decade. Dr. Paul Kolodzy has served as a member of NTIA’s Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee since 2014.

In the merger case between T-Mobile/Sprint and 13 State Attorney Generals, Dr. Kolodzy was a technology witness. He provided months of research and exploration to provide support for the attorney generals argument the merger would substantially lessen competition and innovation will likely be reduced. Dr. Kolodzy worked with the Defense Department’s Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Energy for their 5G initiative as the lead subject matter expert.

Spectrum and spectrum policy experience as the FCC Senior Spectrum Policy Advisor and Director of the Spectrum Policy Task Force as well as consulting for commercial networks and government clients.

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