Jamie Tomasello

Duo Security — Head of Trust and Compliance

Jamie is a down to earth technologist who considers privacy, security, and trust to be ways of life rather than checkbox exercises. Being mindful of privacy and security concerns not only addresses compliance obligations but is also essential to building trust with customers. Jamie is pragmatic about addressing compliance requirements and mitigating risk and has hands-on experience architecting and operating global policies, procedures, and investigations that affect millions of consumers. In her past hybrid roles, Jamie developed the effective communication skills necessary to bridge the gap between engineers and executives. Knowing how critical building rapport and trust with internal customers is to success, she finds that to earn respect you need to be both empathetic and data-driven.

Jamie’s specialties include policy creation, subpoena compliance, incident response, information security, operational security, risk assessments, vulnerability management, vendor security assessments, security awareness training, insider threats, gap analysis, audits, FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, spam, phishing, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, investigation and analysis, intelligence collection, behavior analysis, pattern recognition, non-obvious relationships, big data, cyberlaw, privacy, and transparency reports.

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