Catherine Bannister

Deloitte LLP — Tech Savvy / Ethical Tech Leader

Catherine Bannister is a managing director in Deloitte Services LP. She currently leads performance and development for Deloitte’s professionals. Catherine is also the architect of Deloitte’s Tech Fluency program which originated in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Technology practice to develop and cultivate breadth and depth of technical capabilities; as well as Deloitte’s Tech Savvy program which enables Deloitte professionals to be conversant in disruptive technologies. Being Tech Savvy at Deloitte extends to an awareness of and approach to what it means to advise, implement and operate “ethical tech.”

Catherine demonstrates her passion for the development and professional growth of Deloitte professionals through her leadership and delivery of innovative learning programs and her commitment to developing the world’s best leaders through apprenticeship, sponsorship, and a laser focus on diversity and inclusion.

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