Remembering D.C. Circuit Judge and Former University of Colorado Law School Professor Stephen F. Williams

A Tribute from Our Founder:

“Judge Stephen Williams, or Steve, as he insisted on being called, was an integral part of the culture we built at Silicon Flatirons. His intellectual rigor, learning mindset, commitment to honest inquiry, and tremendous collegiality helped us develop important conversations and scholarly contributions. At our annual February policy conference, he was a fixture and stayed deeply engaged throughout the conference.

As a mentor to myself (and so many others), he made me a better scholar and pushed me to take on challenging public policy questions. He was a giant in the field, but he treated everyone, from law students to his peers, with kindness and respect. And he always loved Colorado and did us proud. We will miss him, and his memory will be a blessing to all who knew him.”

– Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General

Stephen F. Williams, longtime federal appeals judge in D.C., dies of coronavirus at 83

U.S. Court of Appeals – D.C. Circuit – Stephen F. Williams

In Memoriam: Judge Stephen F. Williams

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